Dr Uday Salunkhe Speaks To The Financial Express

Dr Uday Salunkhe Assocham’s 9th Higher Education SummitWeSchool bagged two awards at Assocham’s 9th Higher Education Summit in New Delhi for the ‘Best Innovative Institute’ while Dr. Uday Salunkhe was honoured as ‘Best Education Entrepreneur’.

Here are some bytes from his interview with Vikram Chaudhary of The Financial Express:

Expectations from the upcoming Union Budget:
Education needs more resources, funds and focus. The government must spend more on infrastructure with intense focus on quality and expanse.

“Higher Education creates professionals who can fuel the growth engine,” says Dr. Salunkhe.

Views on Start-up India:
Start-ups are going mainstream as they create wealth and generate employment. This is fourth industrial revolution. During such times, the start-up culture is bound to grow, and must grow.

Universities’ role in Start-up India and Skill India:
Universities will help create an atmosphere to promote entrepreneurial mindset, risk-taking and, most importantly, an attitude that is not averse to failures. A few institutions, like IIT Bombay, The Munktell Science Park of Malardalen University in Stockholm are good examples.

Entrepreneurship cannot be taught in just two years at a business school. Thoughts?
The statement is partially true. Entrepreneurship is a culture, not a workshop. It needs to be imbibed from an early age. Training is pivotal here. Two years of business school provides live projects, industry interface, EQ training, soft skills, internships and much more that help in creating entrepreneurs.

On the experience of working at the Nashik Kumbh:
It was launched in collaboration with the MIT to resolve several civic issues. The initiative gave students a platform to complement technological solutions with management innovation. Students worked on several projects ranging from basic amenities to traffic management and health services.

Association with MIT:
WeSchool has signed an MoU with MIT’s Venture Mentoring Services that gives access to methodologies used by them for mentoring ventures on their campus.

On Welingkar’s Venture Mentoring Platform?
Welingkar has a mentor board comprising entrepreneurs, investors and attorneys. They interact with student to provide views on the concepts of ventures, the business model, and target groups. There are over 33 successful ventures that have taken off from this platform in the past three years.

On training corporates:
Our MDPs cater to over 70 corporate houses, training personnel at different levels of their career.

Efforts on assimilating youth from Northeast India:
We are working on enhanced interaction, representation and academic connectivity with the Northeast. The region has about 36 business schools. WeSchool will devise a plan on how to give them a bigger and meaningful exposure.

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Dr. Uday Salunkhe Recognized With Best Teacher Award by Higher Education Forum

In a welcoming moment for Welingkar, Group Director and Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe has been recognized by Higher Education Forum for his contribution to the management education in India. He was awarded the ‘Best Teacher Award’ in Global Leadership category. The award was presented by Ms Jaya Row, Founder of Vedanta Vision.

“WeScool Awarded With Best Management Institute Award 2015”- Dr Uday Salunkhe

Best Management Institute Award 2015-Welingkar

Earlier this year, Bombay Management Association (BMA) bestowed Welingkar Institute Of management Development School (WeSchool) with the “Best Management Institute The Year 2015” award.

Among India’s top business schools, WeSchool is a pioneering management education institution in India which emphasises on design-led innovative management education for shaping vision and mission of global citizen leadership. WeSchool has also only taken initiatives to help solve socio-economic issues by providing man power management and also trained budding entrepreneurs. Taking this into account, BMA awarded WeSchool with the prestigious award.

Prior to this, BMA had awarded Welingkar with “Outstanding Institute of The Year” award in 2010 and 2013. At WeSchool, the students are groomed in several aspects such as the importance of design thinking and new technology.  The institute takes special efforts to provide education on par with international standards as well as continuously researches to improve the syllabus.

“At Welingkar Institute, we prepare students as stable social and commercial leaders” said Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe while accepting this award.

Uday Salunkhe Encourages Peace At Welingkar Organized Global Peace Initiative 2015

In memory of 26/11 victims, the students of Welingkar organized a Global Peace Initiative. Eminent personalities from politics, cinema, television and journalism were part of this initiative. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of Welingkarl, opened the speech, “The terrorist’s real weapon is hatred and fear that he invokes, the divides that he creates. Global Peace Initiative is one of our endeavours to sensitise the young citizens about role and responsibility in building a peaceful and multicultural world. People like Dr. Jockin Arputham, Owais Shaikh and Maya Shahni, who keep peace and humanity alive inspire youth to be assertive and nurture a positive and inclusive culture, are the real heroes and it is our privilege to honour them.”

Pressing Issues Of Higher Education In India – Thoughts By Dr. Uday Salunkhe

DR-UDAY-SALUNKHEGROUP-DIRECTOR-WeSchool-FELICITATED-BY-JAYA-ROW-AT-A-FUNCTION-ON-TEACHERS-DAYWith so many management schools cropping up in India, Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool, stresses on a few issues faced in India in this regard. After the establishment of four premier IIMs between 1961 and 1984, the number of management schools rose phenomenally across the country and today the number is close to 2500.

This burgeoning number has made quality control a difficult task, says Dr Uday Salunkhe, with the result that the structure and content of these B-school curricula today face issues of relevance. The old style has to be shunned as many schools are not adequately equipped to solve the business needs of advanced organizations.

The traditional managerial approaches to address these challenges do not work. The solution to this problem is focusing on the art of design thinking. Design Thinking, one of the core subjects at Welingkars Institute, says Dr Uday Salunkhe, is a tried and tested instrument, and laterally and holistically innovative in its approach which equips the manager to overcome these hurdles and move closer to the solution.

The distinctive traits of design thinking are that it demands inquiry into accepted notions, multisensory perceptions, cross domain application and prototyping , which are important in today’s advanced organizations, says Dr uday Salunkhe. Welingkar Institute understands the importance of design thinking and puts special focus on this subject to help the aspirants to grasp the idea by illustrating scenarios with live examples.

By quoting Tim Brown who is the MD & CEO, IDEO, Dr Uday Salunkhe concludes “I believe that design thinking has much to offer a business world in which most management ideas and best practices are freely available to be copied and exploited. Leaders now look to innovate as a principal source of differenciation and competitive advantage.

Transforming Nasik Into A Smart City – Thoughts By Dr. Uday Salunkhe

Welingkar students contributed in a collaborative effort in Kumhathon by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston), USA. Aligned with the national agenda of Digital India, Kumbhathon started as an initiative to find solutions for Kumbh Mela, Dr. Uday Salunkhe explained. However, now it has become a testing ground for projects to convert a city into a smart city. All shops on-line is one such project.

Welingkar, Bengaluru Gets The B School Of The Year Award

Welingkar B-School AwardWelingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Electronic City Bangalore (Popularly known as Weschool, estd.2007) has been conferred with the B-School of the Year Award by Bangalore Management Association (BMA). The Award was given in a ceremony wherein BMA celebrated its Member Day & 62nd Anniversary Awards on 14 August 2015 at Capitol Hotel, Bangalore.

Dr. Anil Rao Paila, Dean and Director, Welingkar Bangalore campus along with his faculty team received the award. Weschool, Bangalore under his leader ship is the youngest campus to have received the coveted NBA, AIU, SAQS Accreditations. The event was marked with poignant moments when the faculty and the students stepped on the dais to receive the award. The Award aims to encourage and reward excellence in management education.

The uniqueness of Welingkar Bangalore, lies in its strong industry orientation and programs in Business Design & Innovation and E-Business which are highly valued by the students and working executives. The Institute has brought out several industry-institute connect initiatives such as We Cafe, HR Showcase and other structured initiatives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship on the campus by setting up an Innovation Lab, a Prototype lab, a Case Centre and Research Centre to name a few. The Institute has achieved path breaking customized Industry Outreach programs engaging companies like Infosys, Robert Bosch, Bicon, Titan, EnY, DELL to name a few

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director- Welingkar as the conventional patriarch, appeared jubilant, watching the young Institute come of age. He congratulated his faculty team and students for the award. Dr Salunkhe , a recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship, is a highly awarded and recognized educationist with unflinching belief in the power of youth and their leadership potential. Led by him, Welingkar as a brand is known for its industry -sync, design thinking and being in its pedagogy and curriculum