5 Skills You Will Sarpen During MBA

MBA-Skills-Uday-Salunkhe-Welingkar“A good MBA programme can help you inculcate skills that will prove useful in your life and career,” says Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Research and Development (WeSchool).

Welingkar, Mumbai, is a part of the Shikshana Prasaraka (S.P.) Mandali, Pune. All the educational institutions of S.P. Mandali are known for their academic excellence. Welingkar has the distinction of being the seventh best educational institute in South Asia.

Over the last century, the professional degree of MBA has maintained its relevance world-wide. There was a time when B-Schools taught only technical skills. Since then, many top B-schools have added soft skills to the MBA curriculum in their bid to help future managers adapt better to a fast-changing business world.

Let’s take a look at the 5 skills you’ll be honing during your MBA course:

1. Communication
Most MBA students who’d earlier lacked proficiency in communication found that with practice they got from the ongoing college activities they were able to polish their speaking, listening and writing skills.

How MBA helps: Group discussions, debate competitions, seminars, and, festivals etc. will provide you a platform to practice speaking well, get over stage-fright and improve your body language. Interactions with the faculty will improve your understanding of when to listen and when to speak. Working on papers will help you master written communication.

Self-help: Record your speech, hear it back, and identify problem areas. Read more to understand the nuances of the language. Keep a journal to improve your writing.

2. Knowledge
The MBA programme will help you build your domain knowledge. A good knowledge base of the industry is important as it gives one a competitive advantage.

How MBA helps: Not only will the programme teach you the basics, it will also teach you how to keep that knowledge updated by inculcating an attitude of learning.

Self-help: Keep track online of current trends and news relevant to your industry.

3. Time management
Realizing the value of time and the ability to plan in advance are valuable qualities that recruiters look for and usually find in MBA graduates.

How MBA helps: You will learn to manage your time and productively multi-task during your course as you attend classes, meetings, prepare presentations, write papers, etc.

Self-help: Prioritize tasks and allot time to them. Make schedules and try to stick to them.

4. Collaboration
A teamwork-oriented attitude is desirable to organizations who are basically a group of diverse people working towards common goals.

How MBA helps: The programme teaches you the value of collective effort through group projects and team-building exercises.

Self-help: Attend group meetings and support team members. Be open. Propose group projects.  Click here to learn more on how you can drive team collaboration.

5. Real-world experience
“Top B-Schools, like WeSchool, take care to harmonize classroom wisdom with skill sets that the students can apply in their professional lives,” notes, Dr. Uday Salunkhe.
How MBA helps: Collaborative workshops and internships are an effective way the programme provides the students with practical business experience.
Self-help: Apply for internships. Volunteer for industry interactions and initiate live projects.


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