Are Women Leaders Better – Dr Uday Salunkhe

Women Leaders Better-Dr-Uday-SalunkheWomen have emerged as better leaders, in most of the verticals across a broad spectrum. The trait finds roots in the natural evolution process as the females were to keep the clan together while the males went out looking for resources.

Men seem to be more individualistic and rigid while women have a more fluid personality. The skills of managing come naturally to women. Decision-making insight that requires diligent handling of human resources, with the involved tangibles and intangibles is innate in women. The higher EQ in women helps them in taking people along and also perform a range of tasks, in all roles.

Women are more passionate; and can pull out all stops to ensure that definitive moves are made with the team in the tow towards the desired direction. They are masters in multi-tasking with their multi-faceted personae; and their cohesion and traction among the team is adorable. Women are better sensed to gauge the real situation, the constituents, their roles, risk and possible outcome. They are good at risk management.

Another view says that there is no difference between successful women managers and successful male managers. Both demonstrate high levels of those competencies that are required for delivering top performance and sustaining the same. “Women have proved their credentials and are respected to what they bring to the table; gender becomes a non-issue.” says Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Welingkar Institute of Management. Gender neutrality has already made its entry in most of the sectors. And the trend is here for good.

For where the nuances of women managers and how they manage male direct reports are concerned, a bit of common sense and professionalism is what the male followers need to keep in mind and practice. Male followers should know the style of working of their female bosses and when in doubt ask for clarity. And the rest falls in place. All bosses are human and colleagues albeit senior.


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