Uday Salunkhe Speaks On The Art of Design Thinking

Art Of Design Thinking-Uday-Salunkhe

Many have pointed out that B-schools are not adequately sensitiveto the problems and challenges of the society at large, which has a direct bearing on goal setting. The traditional managerial approaches to address these challenges no longer work.

Amanager is expected to operate under defined set of business rules and manage a process, which means he can deal with neither ambiguities nor contradictions inherent in real life situations. Design thinking, a tried and tested instrument, is laterally and holistically innovative in its approach and equips the manager to overcome. Hence, it needs to be included in the B-school curricula.

Design Thinking is an open-minded, human-centered, problem-solving approach, incorporating the manager’s empathy with the people. It demands inquiry into accepted notions, multisensory perception, cross domain application and prototyping.

For example, Priyanka Amar’s iKheti, a unique initiative, applies the principles of design thinking to derive multiple benefits to meet a diverse range of goals and objectives at individual, corporate and social levels. iKheti incorporates the principles of design thinking to provide relief to Mumbaikars caught in the cyclical monotony of driving out of the concrete jungle every weekend in search of green pastures.

Prof Uday Salunkhe, group director, Welingkar agrees with Tim Brown, MD & CEO-IDEO, who said “I believe that design thinking has much to offer a business world in which most management ideas and best practices are freely available to be copied and exploited. Leaders now look to innovation as a principal source of differentiation and competitive advantage; they would do well to incorporate design thinking into all phases of the process.”


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