Uday Salunkhe Speaks To Energetica India


Indo Sweden Innovations-Dr-uday-Salunkhe-Welingkar.jpg

The ‘India-Swedish Collaborations for Innovative Energy Solutions’ which successfully concluded in the second quarter of 2014, was an initiative is led by India-Sweden Innovations´ Accelerator (ISIA). The Accelerator is backed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Business Sweden and the Confederation of Indian Industries – Green Business Centre are programme partners, while Welingkar Institute Of Management Development And Research (WeSchool) and Mälardalen University (MDH) are academic partners.

ENERGETICA INDIA: Please share some details and background on “Indo Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator Programme”

UDAY SALUNKHE: India and Sweden share a common objective on the need for innovation, to build domestic competitiveness and to respond to the growing demands in an energy-constrained world. This provides the India-Sweden Innovation platform a strong facilitating environment for bringing together partnerships in technology, process and business models to leapfrog traditional growth pathways.

ENERGETICA INDIA: What is the role of WeSchool students in this programme?

Dr. UDAY SALUNKHE:  Our young MBA students are helping the Swedish companies in the space of clean energy generation find business partners in India so that they may make their innovative technologies available to the masses in India. This kind of a hand-shake therefore, is a win-win for all.

ENERGETICA INDIA:  Why there has been a focus on power sector?

UDAY SALUNKHE:  With depleting sources of energy generation across the globe, the demand for some form of energy has been growing exponentially across societies with adoption of modern lifestyles leaning on high energy usage. Very soon there will be acute short- age of power in the world. Hence the focus on energy/power sector.

ENERGETICA INDIA: How much of importance is given on rural India business understanding in this programme?

Dr. UDAY SALUNKHE:  The concern for depleting sources of energy concerns all. A well-educated manager with rural insights, who will seize this opportunity “now”, will certainly grow rapidly as the rural sector swells up with growth. Our students with their mentors will be made to connect the dots, see the patterns emerge and see to it that change happens for the benefit of rural masses.


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