Uday Salunkhe Discusses Strategies To Become A Global MBA Player

Global MBA Player-Uday-Salunkhe

“Whether it is education or management education, global competitiveness is the tool for success in all spheres,” says Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of Welingkar Institute of Management.

Industry, economics, trade or education, globalization is the answer to all sectors. The challenges are growing in the MBA field with exceptional speed as it creates a tremendous growth opportunities, he adds.

The demand for management institutes itself is very high as over 20000 students pass out of management schools every year. This denotes the boom of management institutes in our society.

With over 11000 colleges, 250 universities and institutes, Indian education system is one of the World’s largest, says Uday Salunkhe. Education system has seen a growth in number of colleges from 208 in 1951 to 2300 in 2001.

Dr. Salunkhe points at the core areas for this growth as:

  • India’s demand in the foreign markets
  • Current educational scenario
  • Challenges faced by Indian B schools
  • Best practices the world over

“For an MBA player to be in an education sector, it is a path laden with thorns and blooming orchards scattered with fruits,” states Uday Salunkhe. In order to be more than academicians, MBA institutes will need strategic leaderships and leaders.

“Institutes need leaders of action and global vision. If they are to achieve the core competencies of Indian management and ethos to merge with international flavor, institutes will need to create global MBA players,” concludes Uday Salunkhe.


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