Uday Salunkhe Speaks On The Mantra Of Success



“Failure is a temporary setback,” says Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of Welingkar. “Most successful people take learning from their failures and use them to build the foundation of their success stories.”

To achieve success, one must banish the negative words from his vocabulary and psyche. “Relax, rethink and reorganize,” he says. Every experience in life gives us a positive aspect. Similarly, failed goals direct us to a better path.

Dr. Salunkhe points out that each individual is born with his own set of talent, traits and attitudes. A meaningful and rewarding career is a part of life and not life itself, he adds. One’s thoughts and actions should be the guiding force and not the external pressures.

Uday Salunkhe urges the youth of today to inspire and motivate themselves. “Dream becomes a goal when put to action,” he says. A reason to do something must provide a meaningful motive to believe that the goal is attainable.

Attitude, enthusiasm and commitment play an important role in achieving a goal. “One must challenge and fine tune various approaches of achieving goals,” he says.

Dr. Salunkhe urges that it is never easy to reach the first rung of success. Hence, one must not be complacent. “Successful people keep working despite failure. They work with enthusiasm, inspiration and passion t achieve higher level of success,” he informs.

Success should be looked at as a positive attitude to life. Success is no longer restricted to top jobs, bank balance or latest cars. “Success is more about all-inclusive quotient of physical, emotional and spiritual gratification,” Dr Uday Salunkhe concludes.


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