Management Equips Students For A Variety OF Spheres – Dr Uday Salunkhe

“Being in the management profession is all about exploring and exhibiting your skills. There must exist the ability to relate to others and motivate them as well. It involves the art of making problems so appealing and their keys so constructive that everybody wants to go to work and deal with them.” – Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of Welingkar Institute.

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Welingkar Students Should Learn From Dr. Warren, Says Dr Uday Salunkhe


While having an eminent guest speaker is usual for the students of Welingkar’s Institute, the excitement was at the paramount level for the visit of Nobel Laureate Dr. John Warren. “Dr. Warren was awarded Nobel in Physiology (Medicine) along with Dr Barry Marshall for the discovery of bacterium Helicobacter pylori. He is a Companion of the Order of Australia,” informs Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of WeSchool.

Dr Warren spoke about dedication and diligence for carrying on research in an untapped field of science for more than two decades. “When we started our research, scientific and technological tools were not advanced. Science believed that bacteria couldn’t grow in stomach, good biopsies were rare, and there were no clinical specimens.”

But refusing to be discouraged, they kept experimenting and after years of hard work, discovered the bacterial strain, a miracle that opened new vistas in discovering treatments for gastritis and peptic ulcers. The biggest challenge, he said, was “To convince the clinicians to see what was right in front of their eyes.”

His lecture reinforced WeSchool’s AAA philosophy of acquisition, application and assimilation of knowledge. His passion for photography helped him capture the finer details of specimens under the microscope while he creatively integrated art with medical science and innovations for societal benefits.

On being asked his opinion of the belief that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to chisel out a genius, Dr Warren humbly said that he didn’t consider himself to be a genius as he was really trying to prove what was already there.

Be Fair And Assertive – Uday Salunkhe

Dr. Uday Salunkhe-WelingkarDuring slowdown, employee downsizing results in decreased morale, motivation, organisational commitment and engagement, affecting performance at work,” says Uday Salunkhe Group Director, Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research.

This reality has been under-acknowledged in the Indian corporate context due to multiple reasons. The most important one is that, unlike now, for a long period of time, job creation always exceeded job losses.

Appropriate communication is the key to avoid the side-effects of downsizing. By means of general staff meetings and briefings by line managers, the company should clearly communicate to the employees how restructuring and diversion of saved-costs in revenue earning processes will help the company drive towards growth and profitability. Employees should be encouraged to share their concerns.

Reiterate the fairness of the decisions. Decision makers should try to establish trust and engagement by ensuring transparency in the steps taken. The survivors will show more commitment to the organisation when they feel that everyone was given a fair treatment.

The remaining workforce should be ‘mentally preoccupied’ with the recovery process and the excitement of the challenge. Next, there should be flow of positive energy to keep the workforce motivated. It is also the best time for the organisational leadership to improve training that is directed towards business results.

After all, a crisis should never go waste. It is the best time for leaders to capture the imagination of the workforce, to ‘build muscle’ for which the workforce might not have had the luxury in good times.

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Uday Salunkhe Discusses The Challenges And Opportunities In Indian Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is predicted to have started over 4500 years ago. With a history of over 11,000 years, agriculture is undoubtedly the world’s most vital and oldest occupation. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of WeSchool mentions that one third of earth’s surface is today used for agriculture. “This provides employment to nearly 50% of workforce of entire mankind and 62% to Indian workforce in the agricultural sector.”

Uday Salunkhe Discusses Strategies To Become A Global MBA Player

Global MBA Player-Uday-Salunkhe

“Whether it is education or management education, global competitiveness is the tool for success in all spheres,” says Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of Welingkar Institute of Management.

Industry, economics, trade or education, globalization is the answer to all sectors. The challenges are growing in the MBA field with exceptional speed as it creates a tremendous growth opportunities, he adds.

The demand for management institutes itself is very high as over 20000 students pass out of management schools every year. This denotes the boom of management institutes in our society.

With over 11000 colleges, 250 universities and institutes, Indian education system is one of the World’s largest, says Uday Salunkhe. Education system has seen a growth in number of colleges from 208 in 1951 to 2300 in 2001.

Dr. Salunkhe points at the core areas for this growth as:

  • India’s demand in the foreign markets
  • Current educational scenario
  • Challenges faced by Indian B schools
  • Best practices the world over

“For an MBA player to be in an education sector, it is a path laden with thorns and blooming orchards scattered with fruits,” states Uday Salunkhe. In order to be more than academicians, MBA institutes will need strategic leaderships and leaders.

“Institutes need leaders of action and global vision. If they are to achieve the core competencies of Indian management and ethos to merge with international flavor, institutes will need to create global MBA players,” concludes Uday Salunkhe.

Uday Salunkhe Explains The Dynamics Of Management In Global Economy

The world we live in is changing swiftly. In these changing times, old habits will prove ineffective and fail to have any impact on the growth of life.  “The type of change which has been witnessed in the realm of business during the past two centuries since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution era in the West is of such a fundamental character that it has materially altered the entire fabric of man’s way of life,” explains Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of WeSchool.

“WeScool Awarded With Best Management Institute Award 2015”- Dr Uday Salunkhe

Best Management Institute Award 2015-Welingkar

Earlier this year, Bombay Management Association (BMA) bestowed Welingkar Institute Of management Development School (WeSchool) with the “Best Management Institute The Year 2015” award.

Among India’s top business schools, WeSchool is a pioneering management education institution in India which emphasises on design-led innovative management education for shaping vision and mission of global citizen leadership. WeSchool has also only taken initiatives to help solve socio-economic issues by providing man power management and also trained budding entrepreneurs. Taking this into account, BMA awarded WeSchool with the prestigious award.

Prior to this, BMA had awarded Welingkar with “Outstanding Institute of The Year” award in 2010 and 2013. At WeSchool, the students are groomed in several aspects such as the importance of design thinking and new technology.  The institute takes special efforts to provide education on par with international standards as well as continuously researches to improve the syllabus.

“At Welingkar Institute, we prepare students as stable social and commercial leaders” said Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe while accepting this award.