Dr. Uday Salunkhe On Young CEOs – Habits, Mistakes And Success

Uday Salunkhe WelingkarMore individuals are taking charge of organizations at a relatively young age.  Developing strategies, making corporate decisions and overall management forms a vital part of CEO’s responsibilities. Dr. Uday Salunkhe of Welingkar shares his insights on the rise of new breed of ‘Young CEOs’ in India.

Delegation of activities can accelerate results allowing CEOs to spend more time in masterful activities. CEOs get smarter every day by building on strengths and using the ‘feedback is a gift’ principle, says Uday Salunkhe.

He further observes that CEOs prefer to start early and exercise once a day resulting in better productivity. Successful time and resource management and multitasking are other attributes contributing to the growth of CEOs.

Common Mistakes:
Dr. Uday Salunkhe notes that there are certain habits that can obstruct the overall development in a CEO. Communication gap, bias in decision making, lack in long term vision and fear of failure are some of the traits that can affect a CEO’s growth.

Avoid Mistakes
Having spotted the pain points, Uday Salunkhe provides a solution to curb making mistakes. Weekly meetings with departments can reduce the communication gap, he says. Daily rounds of each department can also increase communication and provide quick guidance. Weekly training sessions can ensure consistency and optimum attendance.

How to become a successful CEO
Design thinking is an open-minded, problem-solving approach. Empathize with people, ask right questions and rethink basic fundamentals. ‘Fail early to succeed sooner’ is the mantra of a design thinker, quotes Dr. Uday Salunkhe.
Creative leader spots potential challenges & opportunities and sees what others miss. He evaluates the skill sets of team members and provides them with specific and corrective feedback.

Finally, Dr. Uday Salunkhe urges CEOs to motivate and inspire their teams to achieve greater heights for themselves, their organizations, for their country and the world.


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