Affordable Healthcare Diagnostics Get A New Direction At ReDx At Welingkar

ReDx Camp - WelingkarThe Fourth instalment of the ReDx Camp ‘Redesigning Diagnostics’ by MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture Group along with Tata Center for Technology + Design, IIT-B, Hinduja National Hospital  was inaugurated at WeSchool on Jan 24, 2015, bringing together around 100 young participants that included engineers, health professionals and design students from across the country.

John Werner, Head of Innovation & New Ventures, Camera Culture Group, unfolded the road map of the camp from ideation, prototyping, development, validation and scaling, his colleague, Prof. Ramesh Raskar, Head, Camera Culture Group, explained that “This joint venture going on in parallel in USA and India will bring speed, scale and sustainability.”

A presentation on projects by the young brigade of mentors from Camera Culture Club showcased various products such as Low Cost X Ray, Digital Stethoscope, Dental Imaging Device, Nonevasive Portable Hydration Sensor etc. which will become instrumental in bringing high quality and low cost medical solutions to the masses

Innovation Guru Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, National Research Professor CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory also the President of Global Research Alliance applauded the collaborative efforts made by Welingkar Institute that inspired as well as set challenges for the young group of participants.

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Welingkar, said, “With design thinking and innovation imbibed in their psyche, WeSchool’s students with different thinking styles, in teams that are heterogeneous in nature, learn to work through opposable minds to solve various social issues in local context that are connected to national challenges”.


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