Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe of Welingkar, Unknowingly Initiated The Digitalizing Of A City!

Uday SalunkheKumbathon is an event started by WeSchool under the able guidance of Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe. The Kumbhathon is called so since it is aligned with the start and end of the Kumbh Mela and was originally organized to find solutions for Kumbh Mela . The event is also aligned with the greater goal of our nation ‘ Digital India’.

The projects that came forth during this technologically innovative fest has caused the city of Nashik to consider adopting them in a trial. So now Kumbathon, enjoy the position of being a testing ground of projects that could help in converting a city into a smart city. Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe’s appreciation for his students’ efforts was well justified.

Some of the projects that maybe implemented in the city of Nashik are:

All shops online (Company name: Central Wall; Innovators Sanchi Paingy & Richa Agrawal, PGDm, WeSchool)
This platform will make the information for all local vendors available in a single app. It will be a listing initially and then move towards a successful payment gateway as well. A database of around 1000 shops on Nashik road has been collected with the help from students of  Purushottam School  and colleges like NDMVP, Arambh and Bytco.

Annadaan (Karan Kothari and Mohini Mishra, PGDM, WeSchool)
Annadaan hopes to be the Facebook of Welfare. It will bring together donors, delf-employed groups (SEGs) and other beneficiaries. For database and tie-ups, 300 women from SEG groups, a volunteer list of 50 members, 2 NGOs Jeevdaan and Udaan, collaboration with Mr. Vijay Kamath for the dehydrated food mix, donation points, corporate and individual donors have been identified

Pop-up City (Abhijeet Pawar and team PGDM, WeSchool)
The project, as the name suggests, looks at exploring housing options for the numbers which pour in for a Kumbh Mela of any year and recurrence. The project might see the day of light as the students have readied prototypes for the projects.

Rent My Home (Aditya Dasgupta, PGDM Business Design, WeSchool)
Rent my house is an ecosystem in a form of application solving the accommodation crisis by bridging the gap between the tenant and owner, says Prof. Dr, Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, WeSchool

Swachh Bharat (Chinmay Siddha, PGDM Rural Management, WeSchool)

The project broadly focuses on micro and macro waste management; encourages citizens to follow waste management protocols in an innovative and effective way. Designing new technologies, using foreign technology, combining different technologies, creating apps and web portals is how the endeavour will roll out.
On seeing the innovation at the Kumbathon the Group Director of Welingkar, Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe said, “As collaborators with a creative mindset, our role is beyond degrees and getting placements for our students. We believe in nurturing students as responsible citizens, not confined by local paradigms but equipped with a global mindset and thus develop an ecosystem where learning is forever. WeSchool is social transformational lab and we are happy to join hands with MIT and all stakeholders during the Kumbhathon.”


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