The Need To Empower Through Education – Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Welingkar

Empower-Through-Education-Dr.-Uday-SalunkheDr. Uday Salunkhe of Welingkar Institute spoke intensely on the topic of empowerment through education.

To exercise leadership, one must recognize the importance of competencies. Ability to evoke trust, design and manage through collaboration, and self-awareness are some of the competencies that can be developed through crafting platforms. The leadership insight will develop only when there is a repetition of the ‘doing-reflecting’ discipline, says Uday Salunkhe.

For students to perform successfully, a balance between economic growth and human development should be achieved. The Indian education system plays a vital role in mentoring students to face the complex, global environment.

Foreign universities setting up campuses in India opens multitude of opportunities in meaningful educational programs. Bigger exposure to global management systems and MNC cultures will be available to students without additional burden of inflated costs.

Collaboration of Indian universities with foreign universities will lead to holistic growth and development of higher education in the country. This will provide a valuable opportunity for Indian students to receive quality education at home and contribute to raising the standards of home grown higher education sector, adds Uday Salunkhe.

WeSchool is collaborating with the best in the business, Uday Salunkhe states. To create an unusual program titled ‘Leadership Beyond Boundaries,’ WeSchool has partnered with Center for Creative Leadership, a US based organization in the space of leadership development and design impact.

Furthermore, WeSchool is focused on nurturing Global Citizen Leadership. ‘Our alliances with International Universities have been the key for us to understand the inter-linkages between management theories and industrial practices as followed in different parts of the world,’ Dr. Uday Salunkhe explains.

Welingkar international collaborations have attracted exchange students to India. This not only helps in making the classroom more global but creates better peer groups that interact at a different level and develop a deeper understanding of the global context.


Dr. Uday Salunkhe On Young CEOs – Habits, Mistakes And Success

Uday Salunkhe WelingkarMore individuals are taking charge of organizations at a relatively young age.  Developing strategies, making corporate decisions and overall management forms a vital part of CEO’s responsibilities. Dr. Uday Salunkhe of Welingkar shares his insights on the rise of new breed of ‘Young CEOs’ in India.

Delegation of activities can accelerate results allowing CEOs to spend more time in masterful activities. CEOs get smarter every day by building on strengths and using the ‘feedback is a gift’ principle, says Uday Salunkhe.

He further observes that CEOs prefer to start early and exercise once a day resulting in better productivity. Successful time and resource management and multitasking are other attributes contributing to the growth of CEOs.

Common Mistakes:
Dr. Uday Salunkhe notes that there are certain habits that can obstruct the overall development in a CEO. Communication gap, bias in decision making, lack in long term vision and fear of failure are some of the traits that can affect a CEO’s growth.

Avoid Mistakes
Having spotted the pain points, Uday Salunkhe provides a solution to curb making mistakes. Weekly meetings with departments can reduce the communication gap, he says. Daily rounds of each department can also increase communication and provide quick guidance. Weekly training sessions can ensure consistency and optimum attendance.

How to become a successful CEO
Design thinking is an open-minded, problem-solving approach. Empathize with people, ask right questions and rethink basic fundamentals. ‘Fail early to succeed sooner’ is the mantra of a design thinker, quotes Dr. Uday Salunkhe.
Creative leader spots potential challenges & opportunities and sees what others miss. He evaluates the skill sets of team members and provides them with specific and corrective feedback.

Finally, Dr. Uday Salunkhe urges CEOs to motivate and inspire their teams to achieve greater heights for themselves, their organizations, for their country and the world.

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe On Rise And Growth Of E-commerce In India

In order to succeed in E-commerce, one must go through a formal course or program covering all corners of e-commerce – Dr. Uday Salunkhe, WeSchool

Rise Of E-commerce In India
Internet usage in India increases by 6 million users every month making it the 3rd largest internet user base in the world. This will open new verticals for online products and services offered by e-commerce portals in India, observes Dr. Uday Salunkhe of Welingkar.

Welingkar, Bengaluru Gets The B School Of The Year Award

Welingkar B-School AwardWelingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Electronic City Bangalore (Popularly known as Weschool, estd.2007) has been conferred with the B-School of the Year Award by Bangalore Management Association (BMA). The Award was given in a ceremony wherein BMA celebrated its Member Day & 62nd Anniversary Awards on 14 August 2015 at Capitol Hotel, Bangalore.

Dr. Anil Rao Paila, Dean and Director, Welingkar Bangalore campus along with his faculty team received the award. Weschool, Bangalore under his leader ship is the youngest campus to have received the coveted NBA, AIU, SAQS Accreditations. The event was marked with poignant moments when the faculty and the students stepped on the dais to receive the award. The Award aims to encourage and reward excellence in management education.

The uniqueness of Welingkar Bangalore, lies in its strong industry orientation and programs in Business Design & Innovation and E-Business which are highly valued by the students and working executives. The Institute has brought out several industry-institute connect initiatives such as We Cafe, HR Showcase and other structured initiatives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship on the campus by setting up an Innovation Lab, a Prototype lab, a Case Centre and Research Centre to name a few. The Institute has achieved path breaking customized Industry Outreach programs engaging companies like Infosys, Robert Bosch, Bicon, Titan, EnY, DELL to name a few

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director- Welingkar as the conventional patriarch, appeared jubilant, watching the young Institute come of age. He congratulated his faculty team and students for the award. Dr Salunkhe , a recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship, is a highly awarded and recognized educationist with unflinching belief in the power of youth and their leadership potential. Led by him, Welingkar as a brand is known for its industry -sync, design thinking and being in its pedagogy and curriculum

Affordable Healthcare Diagnostics Get A New Direction At ReDx At Welingkar

ReDx Camp - WelingkarThe Fourth instalment of the ReDx Camp ‘Redesigning Diagnostics’ by MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture Group along with Tata Center for Technology + Design, IIT-B, Hinduja National Hospital  was inaugurated at WeSchool on Jan 24, 2015, bringing together around 100 young participants that included engineers, health professionals and design students from across the country.

John Werner, Head of Innovation & New Ventures, Camera Culture Group, unfolded the road map of the camp from ideation, prototyping, development, validation and scaling, his colleague, Prof. Ramesh Raskar, Head, Camera Culture Group, explained that “This joint venture going on in parallel in USA and India will bring speed, scale and sustainability.”

A presentation on projects by the young brigade of mentors from Camera Culture Club showcased various products such as Low Cost X Ray, Digital Stethoscope, Dental Imaging Device, Nonevasive Portable Hydration Sensor etc. which will become instrumental in bringing high quality and low cost medical solutions to the masses

Innovation Guru Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, National Research Professor CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory also the President of Global Research Alliance applauded the collaborative efforts made by Welingkar Institute that inspired as well as set challenges for the young group of participants.

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Welingkar, said, “With design thinking and innovation imbibed in their psyche, WeSchool’s students with different thinking styles, in teams that are heterogeneous in nature, learn to work through opposable minds to solve various social issues in local context that are connected to national challenges”.

Dr. Uday Salunkhe’s ‘Wedvaan – The Thought Leaders’ Conclave’ Meets With Positive Response All Round

Wedvaan-WelingkarWedvaan’, initiated by Dr. Uday Salunkhe, hosts management students from top B-Schools across the country and takes them through a gamut of thought-provoking experiences, like  Business talks, competitions and workshops that are unique in every aspect.

WeSchool was abuzz with competitions like Mashup and Samarth and students present, agreed that ‘Wedvaan’ has been an extraordinary learning experience for them and now they dream of not only kick-starting their entrepreneurial ventures but also have the desire to become the catalysts of social change whether in public life, corporate corridors or by taking the NGO route. This indeed was what Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe had in mind when launchin ‘Wedvaan’

Present at the occasion Shri Vinod Tawade, Spokesperson-BJP said that,’ “We do have political leaders that are highly educated and they are working with a spirit of taking the country ahead on the path of progress. If they are given proper training, they will be able make a much bigger difference .Young  MBAs like you should therefore think of politics as a career“.

Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Welingkar, said, “It is a very proud moment for me as WeSchool successfully completes ‘Wedvaan – The Thought Leaders’ Conclave’.  ‘Wedvaan’ is not only about giving the MBA students  a flavour of the real world and help them plan for the road ahead but  also to instil  in them the spirit of leadership, discipline, innovation and entrepreneurship, making them game changers in true sense of the term”.