Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe On Making Students Ready For The ‘Real’ World

WelingkarIn today’s day and age being educated does not guarantee employability. We are living in time where neither the employer nor the employee, consider just simple and basic parameters of employability. Nowadays, the employee as well as the employer want to align their interests, future projections and chart a satisfactory growth path for both.

Thus, at WeSchool Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe has outlined pointer for educators and brought about changes in the curriculum that will foster holistic growth and management.

Some of the fundamentals as outline by Dr. Salunkhe are:

Keep yourself tethered to industry needs
As educators, all staff at WeSchool is expected to stay abreast with the dynamic needs and demands of the industry by and large

Develop competence through a multi-disciplinary approach
Despite being born in the day and age of specialization, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the one who would like to manage must learn to micro and macro manage; making it crucial to have an all-round picture of the subject in question

Developing EQ
Up until now, just one’s IQ might have been sufficient for the job market. However, increasingly employers are looking for people with not just good IQ but EQ i.e. Emotional Quotient as well.

Students’ initiatives
Giving concrete team projects to students ensure that important values needed for successful team work are inculcated right from the start.

Mentor as though mentoring a global leader
Knowing that the world is increasingly drawing closer, it has now become indispensable to have a global understanding of business, economics and culture. Thus, in collaboration with Centre for Creative Leadership, USA 400 students have benefit from their experience in completing over 50 projects of varying kinds.

Assess, develop and align
An assessment and development center has been established in Welingkar for students’ needs and progress to be assesses, aligned and developed. Through this program, each student is assigned a mentor who will be able guide the student.

Industry engagement
The title of this pointer is self-explnatory. Under industry engagement, students are given an opportunity to observe the working of an actual industry, commercial or corporate set up; leaving them with an experiential understanding that builds excellent employability character.


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